Chairman’s Message

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Dr. Eliza Fok



It is the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF)’s firm conviction that only by empowering women with vigilant foresight to detect, and updated information to alert, breast cancer’s threat to the local community will be mitigated.


Established in 2005, the HKBCF is dedicated to raising public awareness of breast cancer, and addressing the need for breast health information, as well as patient support services through extensive work in the community. By providing affordable mammography screening, close to 60,000 women in need have received the service for free. Additionally, we actively promote breast health and raise public awareness through community-based educational activities. Holistic support is also offered to patients and their families. Over the years, tens of thousands of people have benefited from our patient support services.


As from 2017, we have embarked on a milestone development – the establishment of the HKBCF Jockey Club Breast Health Centre (Kowloon) in Ngau Chi Wan. This provides one-stop, holistic breast-health services including education, screening and patient support, particularly for those from lower-income districts.


Looking ahead, the HKBCF remains committed to promoting breast health education, providing screening services, supporting breast cancer patients on their road to recovery and advocating better breast health and cancer care in Hong Kong. We shall continue to align our efforts on breast cancer control across the community, strengthening the breast health and wellness for all women in Hong Kong.