10th Pink Walk for Breast Health 2014

Our annual signature fundraising event “Pink Walk for Breast Health 2014” is coming again and will be held at The Peak on Sunday 19th October. This year marks our 10th anniversary and we are excited to share this special occasion with you!


The Pink Walk for Breast Health creates an opportunity to bring together families, friends, colleagues and communities to enjoy a healthy morning walk, dress up in your most fabulous pink costume to support the fight against breast cancer and raise much needed awareness and funds towards the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF)’s efforts to mitigate the threat of breast cancer in Hong Kong.


Breast cancer is the number one most common cancer affecting women in Hong Kong with an average of 9 new cases diagnosed every day, one of which will result in fatality. It is the HKBCF’s fundamental belief that early detection saves lives and we actively promote and provide breast screening services, education, support and research-based advocacy to inspire policy changes for better prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of breast cancer patients.




  Information of Route
Route The Peak Road Garden > Harlech Road > Lugard Road > The Peak Tower
Walking time 1 – 1.5 hrs
Distance 3.5 KM
Suitable for Suitable for the whole family. All aged above 3 are welcome. Participants aged 3 – 13 must be accompanied by adults. Adults bringing children under 3 are reminded to take extra care given the large number of participants anticipated.
Path details Known as The Peak Circle Trail, this course is for walkers of all levels and ages. Walkers will enjoy the breathtaking panoramic harbour view along the trail.



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