With full support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (the Trust), the HKBCF Breast Health Centre (BHC) was established in 2011 in North Point. BHC is a non-profit clinic of the HKBCF that provides breast health education and breast screening services. It strives to educate women in Hong Kong to undertake regular breast screening for early detection of breast cancer, so as to reduce the physical and mental pain and financial burden caused to patients and their families.


In 2017, the Trust generously funded the establishment and operation of the HKBCF Jockey Club Breast Health Centre (Kowloon) which was opened in 2018. With the new centre, HKBCF can expand its scope of services to Kowloon and New Territories districts.


In 2017, funded by the HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme, the BHC has been renovated and equipped with new ultrasound and 3D mammography screening machines.


  • The BHC is steered and supervised by an Advisory Committee composed of local health care professionals for breast health.
  • The in-house radiologists and healthcare professionals have rich clinical experience in breast health screening.
  • The radiologists partnering with the BHC are evaluated and recognised by an independent expert panel, and the facilities, hygienic conditions and quality of service at these centres are all at a high standard.


Honorary Medical Consultants

Dr. Hung Wai Ka

Dr. Choi Lai Yin, Catherine

Dr. Chow Chi Yan Lorraine

Dr. Wong Chi Tak, Danny

Dr. Tsang Yee Yan, Yvonne

Dr. Leung Siu Lan 

Dr. Ma Kwok Kuen

Dr. Ying Wai Leung, Marcus


Radiologist Partner

Hong Kong Women's Imaging

Prestige Medical Imaging Centre

Trinity Medical Centre

Diagnostix Pathology Laboratories Ltd.



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