Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Naming Ceremony


The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Naming Ceremony was held successfully today. Our sincere gratitude to donors for their great support. Their generous donation renders a lot of help to women and families that are in need.


Our sincere gratitude to the following donors for their great support

Mrs. Eliza Fok

Thomas and Linda Lau Family Foundation

Miss Carmen Yim

Mr. Lam Yau Ho

Walter and Wendy Kwok Family Foundation

Mrs. Suzanne Poon

Mrs. Stella Char

Mr. Anthony Lau

Mrs. Nina Chung

Dr. Lawrence P.K. Li

Mrs. Macy Chan

Mr. Shih Wing Ching and Mrs. Cecilia Shih

Ms. Chan Wai Sheung, Delia

Miss Carmen Yeung

Mrs. Doris Luk

Mr. Chan Tung Yeung, Sunny

Dr. Sally Wong Leung, GBS, OBE, JP


Event Highlight

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