BRCA Online

The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry (HKBCR) has been collecting and analysing local breast cancer data since 2007 and has published “Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry Report” annually, which highlights the findings from the research. These reports include information on risk factors and exposure, disease patterns and treatment trends, clinical outcomes and breast cancer survival. All information provides medical professionals with local breast cancer facts that can impact their clinical decisions on patients' treatment options.


Currently, the HKBCR is the largest and most comprehensive registry of its kind in Hong Kong, making it the most representative database on the local breast cancer landscape. Breast Cancer HK Online (BRCA Online) is an online platform that further enhances access to the HKBCR data. Registered medical professionals are able to utilise the valuable data by generating reports according to their own tailored parameters.


Who are the users?

BRCA Online is a unique online breast cancer platform developed for medical professionals.



  • To assist medical professionals in their clinical assessments and decisions through providing access to information on local breast cancer development and treatment trends.
  • To empower breast cancer patients through information and data on breast cancer treatments in Hong Kong.


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