Sandra Lorenzi

Wig & hat


When I was told about chemotherapy, I realised this meant I would probably go bald. So before starting treatment, I ordered a wig made from real hair. I'd never worn wigs before - it was actually quite fun trying different styles and looks, although in the end I selected something similar to my normal look. I also saw a pink hat I liked (even though I'd never worn hats before) and the wig-maker suggested he add some hair to the bottom of it to make it look more natural.


As expected, my hair started falling out a week after the chemotherapy. After a few days, it was just easier to shave it off. Sometimes I wear my wig, but in hot weather the hat leaves me a bit cooler. When I started going out, not only did most people not realise that I had lost my hair, people complimented me on my hat, telling me how stylish it looked, which boosted my confidence and meant I felt comfortable in public. Now my hair is growing back.


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Sandra Lorenzi
(August 2008)