I was not facing the problem alone


Priscilla Yeung is the epitome of the Chinese woman, always putting others first in her actions and decisions, deferring or even denying her own needs. Even when it came to facing her own health crisis, Priscilla chose not to trouble her family members but decided to face it alone.


For almost two years Priscilla had felt the abnormalities in her breast before finally mustering up the courage to see a doctor. By then she was diagnosed as having stage 3 breast cancer. “At that moment, I was very frightened, but my mother was sick and needed a lot of my care. I did not want my family to worry about me, so I chose to ignore the problem for two years.” In fact, even before diagnosis, Priscilla already had a sneaking suspicion that it was breast cancer. “After suppressing the stress and anxiety of feeling something was wrong for such a long time I finally felt a release after the diagnosis because I finally felt that I was not facing the problem alone anymore,” said Priscilla.


Although Priscilla prepared for the worst scenario for her sickness, she recognised the best things in her life – the love from family, friends and colleagues empowered her in her battle against breast cancer. Luckily, Priscilla comes from a large family of 13 siblings, all of whom took turns to help her in different ways. Her sister-in-law prepared Chinese soup for her, her sister bought her health food, and her brother accompanied her to see a Chinese medicine practitioner in Beijing. Even Priscilla’s boss was also very thoughtful. He arranged a Chinese medicine practitioner from Beijing to come to Hong Kong to provide alternative treatment for Priscilla, who prepared breakfast and lunch for her at the beginning of her treatment.


Impressed and overwhelmed by all this love and care, Priscilla accepted every kind offer from her friends and family, “I was a good patient. I took my doctor’s advice and accepted the help others offered, because their love empowered me to face all unforeseeable challenges.”


Today, Priscilla has made a full recovery. Due to her gratitude for her friends and family, she has been giving back to others who are now suffering to show her care for others.