15.11.2020 (Sunday)
Notes to Participant

1. Dress Code

  • All participants are encouraged to dress in PINK.


2. Deadlines

  • Please submit the enrolment form beofre 31 October 2020 and make donation on or before 15 November 2020 to confirm your registration.  Applicants will be confirmed by email for successful enrolment.
  • If you would like to submit donation by cheque or bank deposit, Please send us the information before 12 November 2020 6:00pm. Subject to postmark / the time the email is received.


3. Best Dressed Pink Awards

  • Contestants of the best dressed awards should wear their self-designed pink costume and post a photo on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #pinktogether2020 #bestdressedpink #hkbcf @hkbcf_official. Results will be announced on 20 November, 2020 on Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Social Media Channels.


4. Top fundraiser Awards & highest Participation Awards

  • The awards will be determined based on donations received and the number of participants enrolled before the event ends. Click here for more details.


5. The HKBCF reserves the right of final acceptance of enrolment and the right to change the event arrangements.


6. If the event cancelled out of unforeseen circumstances, donation will not be refunded. Thank you for your understanding and generosity.