Corporate Governance


Maintaining good corporate governance has been and remains one of HKBCF’s top priorities.


Management Committee

The HKBCF’s Management Committee is charged with the responsibility to promote the success of the HKBCF by directing its affairs and services in a responsible and effective manner.  The Management Committee comprises experts from the medical, governance, finance and public affairs professions. View our Organisation Structure


We are committed to ensuring that we are accountable to our sponsors, donors and other stakeholders in our operational services and practices throughout the HKBCF.


We acknowledge the importance of obtaining long term support from our sponsors and donors through constant engagement and communications.  This is essential in providing sustainable services to our clients.  We ensure all money raised is properly spent in delivering professional services to people in need.  To this effect, we have adopted various policies and guidelines for employees to follow. Please click here for details.