Breast Cancer Research Centre

When it was first founded, the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) built a dedicated registry, the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry (HKBCR) to capture the data of Hong Kong breast cancer patients for developing treatment options and healthcare policies best suited to the local situation.  The HKBCR published its first report, namely “Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong 2008 Report”, based on the data of 1,000 patients.  Since then, besides publishing annual reports and bi-annual Bulletins, the HKBCR has served as a data collecting and monitoring system of local breast cancer cases and has undertaken other breast cancer-related research work on its own or in conjunction with other research agencies/institutions.


In 2017, the HKBCF decided to name its research unit as the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Research Centre (BCRC). The BCRC undertakes two main types of research work.  Firstly, to, through the HKBCR, continue to collect data and provide analyses on breast cancer cases, figures and statistics in Hong Kong and publish reports on local breast cancer status and phenomenon. Secondly, to collaborate with other research agencies/institutions on breast cancer studies.