Month On Month Bring Your Goodwill into Action

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HK$3,500 to sponsor underprivileged woman to have an ultrasound guided core needle biopsy

HK$1,400 Gives free mammogram for a woman in need 

HK$900 Offers one set of bandage to patients who are diagnosed with moderate to severe lymphoedema to receive multi-layered bandaging treatment in order to manage lymphedema

HK$640 Offers Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation with 2-day prescription of Chinese Medicine to survivors for relieving discomforts from side-effects of medical treatments

HK$420 Provides a Lymphoedema Index Measurement for one breast cancer Patient

HK$250 Offers an intermittent pneumatic compression device treatment to patients so as to ease discomfort resulting from lymphedema

HK$100 Provides comfort pack for a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient


The HKBCF welcomes donations of gifts and services in-kind such as design, printing and production. Donations of editorial and advertising space, or leaflet insertions in magazines and newsletters, are also highly appreciated.  Service donations help us spread the【Month On Month Bring Your Goodwill Into Action】to a wider audience. Please click here to download the reply form.