Encourage others and uplift myself

“If my experience can help more people to learn about breast cancer, I will never say no to sharing of my story”

Survivor experience sharing is an important and enlightening part in educational seminars the Foundation hosts for the public. Mary is a breast cancer survivor who volunteers regularly to talk about her experience. Every time we extend an invitation to her, she never says no. “I think it is necessary to spread the message about breast cancer prevention to the community. Many people have a very shallow knowledge and understanding about breast cancer. Even if they know, they may not be aware of how destructive it can be. I never thought getting breast cancer is something to be ashamed about. If my experience can alert more people and make them aware of the disease, I will not be afraid to step out and tell everybody.”


Mary tirelessly volunteers herself to share her story because of this strong belief. Sharing her experience not only extends comfort and support to other breast cancer patients, but also helps to uplift her own spirit. “I have reached out to a breast cancer patient who was very depressed at the beginning. She could not believe that she has got cancer. After hearing me tell her that I find sharing my experience helps me, she was able to express her feelings and finds a way to relieve stress. Maybe it was because we both have gone through the same path; she realizes that I understand her situation.” After her successful treatment, this patient then went on to get breast implants and her outlook on life became more positive. This experience was one of the most rewarding for Mary.


When you look at Mary, you can see that she is always very happy. She loves her life and has passion for everything. “I see it as a gift that I am capable of helping others. Being a volunteer makes me feel satisfied and it is its own reward.”


Mary is a successful businesswoman but she feels that monetary rewards are only temporary. Life’s real satisfaction is in helping others; this is where there is long-lasting gratification.


Mary serves as a council member of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation; she hopes to contribute more of herself in benefiting people in need.

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Mary shares her story in our educational seminars.

(July 2009)