Yeung Tai Yee

Selfless Giving: Volunteer Yeung Tai Yee

Work like lettershopping and data entry seems like nitty- gritty things, but they are vital to smooth operation of every organisation. Every Tuesday, our volunteer Yeung Tai Yee is at HKBCF office helping on the general office work. She does not mind at all. “I am a quiet person; it is very suitable for me to work here.”


“Help others help themselves” is the belief that drives her to work as a volunteer. “Sometimes I hear the staff at HKBCF and volunteers comforting the breast cancer patients over the phone. They also arrange breast cancer survivors to share their experiences with others. I feel the work of this organisation can really help people.”


Tai Yee is very health conscious. She does exercise such as Taichi and hiking regularly. She has enriched her knowledge on breast cancer after joining HKBCF as a volunteer. “I am always conscious about breast health. I always remind my friends of screening. Having learnt more about breast cancer from HKBCF, I realise that Hong Kong has a very high incidence rate of breast cancer. That alerts me to pay more attention to my lifestyle. I also encourage my friends who have breast cancer to contact HKBCF for support services. ”

Tai Yee has been a long-serving volunteer since HKBCF inauguration. “I am very happy that HKBCF is gradually growing. All the staff here are very friendly. We chat and laugh. The feeling of working here is pretty good.” Tai Yee is prepared to continue volunteering to HKBCF, and would suggest her friends to join too.

(December 2009)