The Breast Cancer Support Centre (BCSC) provides breast cancer patients and patients’ families with emotional, informational and financial support.  Team of psychologists, registered nurses, social workers and breast cancer survivors is dedicated to addressing patients’ individual concerns with empathy and experiences. Individual and family counselling are available to breast cancer patients and their families, and peer support groups enable breast cancer patients to draw support and inspiration from breast cancer survivors and their experiences. Financial assistance for targeted therapy treatments is available to eligible breast cancer patients, who would otherwise be denied access to medication. Well-being sessions are offered to help breast cancer patients and survivors taking better care of their health after cancer.


In 2017, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust granted the HKBCF a fund, enabling the construction of a service centre — the HKBCF Jockey Club Breast Health Centre (Kowloon) — in Ngau Chi Wan, Kowloon. The Centre has made our much-needed breast health services more accessible to breast cancer patients and their families residing in Kowloon and the New Territories.


No one is alone in the fight against breast cancer, which strikes more women in Hong Kong than any other cancer.



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Emotional Support 

Patient Support Group
Family Support Group
Peer Telephone Support
Individual Counseling Service


Information Support

Treatment Preparation Group (Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy/Target/Hormonal Therapy)
Breast Cancer Educational Talk
Meeting the Expert Session (Bimonthly)

Meeting the Heroine
Resource Library
Leaflets on Breast Cancer Treatments


Paramedical Support

Lymphoedema Care Services


Financial and Free Assistance Support

Drug Financial Assistance Programme

Free Bandage Programme

Free Bra Programme

Free Wig Programme

Gene Testing Financial Assistance Program

Oncotype DX Breast Recurrent Score ® Test 【Financial Assistance Programme & Patient Care Programme】(Limited quotas)


Breast Cancer Comfort Pack

Breast Cancer Educational Talks Archive


Registration and Enquiry


Our service will be closed on public holidays

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 9:10am-1pm; 2pm-6pm



For all support services, registration/ appointment should be made in advance. 

Call HKBCF Support Service Hotline

Hong Kong Centre:

Tel: (852) 2525 6033


Address: 22/F, Jupiter Tower, 9 Jupiter Street, North Point, Hong Kong

HKBCF Jockey Club Breast Health Centre (Kowloon)

Tel:(852) 2597 3251

Address: 1/F, 28 Lung Cheung Road, Ngau Chi Wan, Kowloon



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