Seize the day

“Seize the day and treasure the ones around you,” was Angela’s resolution after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever since her diagnosis in 2006, she chose to face all the challenges of the disease with positivity and optimism, and accepted the disease as a fact. She did not for a moment think that she might not be cured, and with this belief she pulled through her treatment journey and has embarked upon a happy life after cancer. It is not easy to imagine how Angela, a lady of slight build, can be filled with seemingly infinite energy and life! There is little doubt that people who have met her are touched by her optimism.


Looking back, Angela says that she received immense support and encouragement from the HKBCF’s support group sessions during her treatment. In the time between her surgery and commencing chemotherapy, she attended meetings of the support group and says that through the sharing and comforting from other patients, she was encouraged and became more confident. More importantly, fellow patients’ sharing helped her psychologically prepare for the treatment that followed. She says, with joy, that she had even waited for her hair to fall out after chemotherapy. Because she was psychologically prepared, she describes her feelings at the time of hair loss as “overwhelming”, but not terrifying.


Angela feels lucky to have had full support and care from her husband and two sons. She faced her breast cancer with strength and optimism because she didn’t want her family to feel sad or worried. However, Angela points out that sometimes even family members may not fully understand the needs of patients. She therefore encourages other patients to communicate to their families their needs so that family members can better understand.


Her experience with breast cancer greatly changed Angela’s outlook on life. Before she was diagnosed Angela ran a travel agency. She describes herself as a well-organised and outgoing woman who had never thought of retiring, but now that she has experienced the disease, she sighs with regret that unanticipated things happen, no matter how well you plan. Now she has learned not to be so stubborn, to seize every opportunity to enjoy life, and to approach situations with calmness.


Angela’s life style has also changed considerably. She now pays much more attention on her health. She goes hiking three to four times a week, takes yoga classes and practices Cantonese opera singing. She became a volunteer of the HKBCF in the end of 2006 to support and care about other patients with action. She brings members to outings every month, and has also enrolled for flower arrangement and dance classes, leading a solid and exciting life. She looks at her new life with a much relaxed and easy going perspective. “My life is getting happier and happier. I seldom fall ill and I feel free and unrestrained,” says Angela.


Self Photos / Files - p01-s Angela says fighting the disease with a happy mind is most important.
Angela took the role of Master of Ceremony in this year’s Spring Party. A keen singer, she also showed her singing talent. Self Photos / Files - p02-s

(April 2008)