Comprehensive Lymphoedema Care Service Programme sponsored by The Hongkong Bank Foundation

Comprehensive Lymphoedema Care Service Programme  

sponsored by The Hongkong Bank Foundation


The HKBCF expresses its sincerest gratitude to Hongkong Bank Foundation for their generous funding support to its Breast Cancer Support Centre which provides holistic lymphoedema care services, ranging from lymphoedema education, prevention, treatment to outreach support services to breast cancer patients and their caretakers in the period between 

1 October 2021 and 30 September 2023. 


The Programme will: 

  1. Educate breast cancer patients the knowledge of early symptoms of lymphoedema;
  2. Provide Lymphoedema Care Traineeship based on a long-lasting self-help and care model which 8 to 10 trained Lymphoedema Ambassadors, who will collaborate with Lymphoedema Therapist or Registered Nurse and provide support to lymphoedema patients at lymphoedema management group;
  3. Detect and prevent lymphoedema at the earliest possible stage through lymphoedema index measurement and preventive interventions, and to offer lymphoedema treatment to patients with moderate to severe lymphoedema;
  4. Provide outreach support services to lymphoedema patients who are of metastatic breast cancer stage or too weak to visit our Centres in Hong Kong and Kowloon.


For enquiries about the Programme, please contact our Breast Cancer Support Centre by phone: 2525 6033 or via email: 






lymphoedema patient with a severely swollen left arm. Her lymphoedema index score was over 130 (Normal score is +/-10). 


Breast cancer patients are doing exercise to improve lymphoedema drainage in a Lymphoedema Management Group. 




Our Lymphoedema Therapist is providing multi-layered bandaging treatment to a patient.